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For Acqua Life Dive Center, the quality of service starts with the very first step you take in our dive center. We want to offer the best conditions to welcome you by providing clean infrastructures, pleasant to use as well as well-maintained equipment.

Our dive center is qualified as a SSI Dive Center as we fulfill the best of the SSI Standards about teaching, safety, and facilities.

We recently renewed and extended our facilities to include now one fully equipped classroom with all the up to date teaching material, one repair workshop and one filling station.



Our students are learning about diving in a comfortable classroom equipped with a flat-screen TV for video and digital presentation, as well as live dive computer simulations.

Dry Room

Your valuable diving equipment is safe in one of our spacious dry rooms. With large fresh water rinse tanks (one just for regs, computers, and cameras) you're sure to get all the salt out of your equipment. These dedicated storage areas are well ventilated so that your equipment can dry before your departure.


We have a retail store offering some great items for your diving and holiday needs. We have some great snorkel sets for children and adults, marine life books, you will also find dive site guides and marine life identification guides available, t-shirts for men, ladies and children, hats, sunglasses, mask straps, snorkel keepers, wetsuits and bottled water...


Our state of the art and top of the range equipment, which is serviced regularly in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, guarantees a comfortable and safe diving experience. 30 complete sets of equipment are available at any given time. This also includes dedicated kids diving equipment.


With over 40 10ltr. steal tanks at your disposal at the Acqua Life Dive Center. All tanks are available with a choice of DIN/INT connection. In line with the philosophy of "Safety First", all tanks are regularly inspected and serviced in accordance with stringent in house test procedures. Hydrostatic testing is conducted out of the house by an international accredited inspection company in Spain.

Compressor Room

Our guests can rest assured that we can deliver enough air at all times. Constant inspections, servicing, and air quality testing is carried out guaranteeing only the purest quality breathing air 365 days a year.

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